Managed Print Services

With businesses spending more and more money on printing every year, some spending up to 3% of their annual budget, it is important to control and monitor how your office handles its printing needs. Managed Print Services from Golden Business Machines provides the ability to manage printing within your office, streamlining the processes of supply ordering and equipment upkeep.

Document Management

Every company has their own method of managing documents. Gone are the days of large, bulky, metal filing cabinets for paper based-documents. With Document Management services from Golden Business Machines, digital documents such as Microsoft Word files, PDF’s and other file types are all organized in a way that allows for easy searching and the ability to edit documents on the fly straight from your computer. No more searching through file cabinets for that elusive document, our Document Management services keep your office organized and efficient.

IT Services

IT Services from Golden Business Machines give your business the manpower of an entire IT Department without the need or cost of an in-house IT Staff.

Output Management

Output Management services from Golden Business Machines provide effective control over your entire print fleet. You’ll be able to identify and manage the cost of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing across your enterprise. You can identify users’ printing behaviors and address their needs to improve the overall efficiency of printing and security.

Save money by understanding your printing costs and introducing policies that discourage wasteful printing. Minimize time spent managing and solving IT problems while, at the same time, reducing the frustrations of users who can’t print when needed.