Document Management

Every company has their own method of managing documents. Gone are the days of large, bulky, metal filing cabinets for paper based-documents. With Document Management services from Golden Business Machines, digital documents such as Microsoft Word files, PDF’s and other file types are all organized in a way that allows for easy searching and the ability to edit documents on the fly straight from your computer. No more searching through file cabinets for that elusive document, our Document Services keeps your office organized and efficient.

GBM has partnered with Laserfiche, one of the top document management software packages, to provide your business with document imaging, archival, and indexing services. We offer document management solutions for one system or an entire enterprise.

Not only do our Document Management services cut down on your printing costs, it also allows your business to accomplish numerous organization goals that will help keep your important documents secure.

Let’s run down the benefits of Document Services from Golden Business Machines one more time:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Added Security
  • Reduced Costs

Contact GBM today to learn more about our document management services and how they can keep your business on task.